Mobile App and Web Development

Our approach is simple. Overthink it, then scale it back.

Innovation starts with imagination. It's easy to build a website or mobile app that works fine now but quickly becomes obsolete.
We build our products to be flexible and adaptable, and most importantly, upgradable.

Interested? We thought you might be.

They say don't reinvent the wheel.

That's fine. We get it. But it takes wings to fly.

The simplest pieces of code formed the foundation for the complex technology we use today. There are a lot of programming languages and methods that already exist to do many of the functions our clients need. Sometimes, however, there is no apparent methodology or obvious approach to a problem, and it takes creativity and innovation to deliver a solution.

That's where we come in. We believe there's a way to conquer any challenge. If we can't find it, we invent it.

You know how something can become a matter of principle? That's how we are about technology. It's a matter of principle for us to figure out how to do what you need.

What We Do

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Cloud services to keep your data backed-up

iOS/Android apps to really "up your (mobile) game"

Web applications and extensions

Browser plugins with cross-browser compatibility

Content Management Systems to make your life easier

API - Application Program Interface **

** Technology term translation services

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Website upgrades to make your site responsive

Data migration to keep your business agile and current

Email design and campaigns to increase open rates

Branding and collateral for a consistent image and message

Digital marketing design and implementation

Paid placement to find your customers where they browse

Focus group testing, giving your customer a voice

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Engaging user experiences targeting your user base

End-to-end design, from wireframe to finished product

Intuitive user-tested interfaces

Mobile-first website design, optimized for devices

Seamless responsiveness for every screen

Beautiful graphics created just for you

Intelligent iconography and navigation

...and anything else you can think of.

Every business is different.

It stands to reason that every budget is too.

Packages are easy. The expectations are laid out from the beginning. Simple, straight-forward... Except when it's not.

There's no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to technology. That's why we don't really "do" packages. It is important to us that your needs are met. It's important to you to know what you are getting and why.

We really enjoy solving problems. We super-enjoy finding (and fixing) them before you or your customers do. We begin a project by sitting down with our clients to discuss your current needs, and work with you to fulfil them in way that lets your business grow: By making sure our work is fluid, flexible, and adaptable to the future.

Questions? We love to answer them. Click or tap here to talk to us.

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About OverThink

We are a hive mind with one objective: To create and innovate through technology, and have fun while we do it.

Also, barbecue chicken wings. We're pretty into those.

Mack Frederick

Co-Founder and Chief Business Development Officer

Mack brings his experience as a Master Sergeant in the Army Special Forces to the civilian world as a technical project/program manager of enterprise-wide systems for Fortune 500 companies. He has worked for companies with budgets in excess of $48m, but enjoys working with small teams as well.

If you need to find him on a weekend, grab your GPS, granola, and a satellite phone (just to be safe), as he spends most of his free time in the mountains, wakeboarding, stand-up paddle-boarding, climbing, hiking, camping, snowboarding, and driving over really big rocks in his Jeep.

He is also a good chef, has great taste in art, and hates knick-knacks, but he tolerates the random ones Andy puts on his desk.

Andy Jones

Co-Founder and Chief Design Officer

Andy is a UI/UX designer and tireless advocate for the end user. Her education began in mechanical engineering, but she ended with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree instead. Over the course of her career, she has evolved into a UX designer, front-end developer, and CSS ninja. She enjoys swimming, beer, improv comedy, the Oxford comma, and art.

Andy had never broken a bone until last Christmas, when she was in a car accident that shattered her L1 vertebra. She healed without surgery and is now a 1/4 inch shorter. Her remarkable recovery has convinced her that she is Wolverine.

Charles and Mack enjoy teasing her about her inexplicable ability to acquire bruises of unknown origin.

Charles Gibson

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Charles is the chief code wrangler and general technology wizard of OverThink. For over fifteen years, he has developed software solutions for companies ranging in size from successful startups to large enterprises. He excels at mentoring junior developers, technology research, and building teams of devs and designers.

When he isn’t developing innovative software and systems, Charles entertains himself with martial arts, video games, and hanging out with family and friends. His ability to spin a mean cartwheel may have come from being a Krav Maga instructor at Peak Krav Maga, but his colleagues suspect he was just born with the talent.

Charles is also very funny and the nicest guy Andy and Mack know in real life.